Tappa Aerocity: Try this restaurant for a glorious haute cuisine experience

Exotic entrees, healthy salads, glorious presentation in a warm and inviting interior – who wouldn’t want to experience a meal at a place with such combined pleasure?

Tappa Aerocity by Lite Bite Foods attempts to revive nostalgia with a touch of Bollywood murals from the 90s all over the restaurant. It’s all about how the interiors trigger your nostalgia flashing across memories of your growing years in front of your eyes.

Vibrant hues of neon yellow interplaying with purple highlights and installations, to brighten up your mood, some befitting music playing in the right volume to enhance your conversations, and metal straws to prevent plastic pollution – Tappa has it all sorted out.

From the moment you enter this cosy little place, you’d experience oodles of joy with every tiny bit of discovery that you make here. There’s a tiny bell on the sides of tables to save you from raising a hand like a school girl waiting her turn to blurt out the answer to a tough question, or from craning your neck like a giraffe calling out for the waiter.

Heading over to the food and drinks they serve here, you’d be delighted with their welcome entree. Their presentation skills deserve a big round of applause for what had been done with something as simple as dahi bhalla. A couple of bite-sized dahi bhallas made way to our table in a pretty little box, and as we lifted the lid, a thick aromatic cloud vaporised out from it revealing the tiny pieces of joy seated safely inside.


Raising the standards really high with the entry dish, the chef sent a large bowl of a colourful salad to our table – and oh boy, I’d have never loved salad so much. This Super green salad is extremely high on nutrients with kale, red quinoa, charred veges, berries, goat cheese and some crisps, and tastes equally great.

If not a review meal, I’d have simply ordered more of their Five spice chicken dim sums and the Cream cheese and water chestnut dim sums. They are such soft squishy delights, you could just go on and on popping them in with some jasmine tea while chatting with your friends.

Their Soya tacos and Pide pizza are also mention worthy vegetarian dishes for the freshness and nutrients they provide.

The ‘wow’ factor sort of reached its peak as the glazed chicken wings landed on our table! The Chicken wings with gongura leaves and tamarind glaze is a must have if you are fond of tasty zesty chicken starters.

Apart from the classics, Tappa’s bar menu includes signature cocktails like Intermission, a smacking mix of dark rum, coke and salted caramel popcorn, Talli Botanist, a delicious spin of Gin, Jamun and Black Salt, Kashi Halwa, a gin, pumpkin ogave syrup, togarashi spice cocktail, or even Malgudi, a 90s throwback in a glass — a heady cocktail of tequila, mango and chili spice.

If you’re in the mood for an Indian dish try their Haak saag with bajra missi roti, masala gur and white butter cubes. It’s a sight to behold as they send it the royal looking Kashmiri dish. What’s more beautiful is watching a butter cube glide over the hot missi roti and land on the dark green delicious saag. Such a mouthwatering sight, right?

To finish off the scrumptious meal with something sweet and classy I tried out the Avocado & naan khatai cheesecake. This cool, fresh, and creamy dessert with well-balanced sweetness and a slight tinge of tang was a beautiful dish to a satisfactorily end my lunch.

Tappa aims to please the colloquial tongue with a bit of every cuisine planned out meticulously. Tappa is your ultimate answer to comfortable dining at a quirky bistro, since most places that claim to be quirky tend to through many off their comfort zones.

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