Iā€™m just a wandering soul, in love with the greens of the forests, the heights of the mountains, and the roaring waves of the sea. Undergoing a constant evolution, I endeavour to capture my experience and allow the world to explore them through my words and my photographs.

Being associated with hobbies like philately, music, sketching, writing and being a film buff, and also having learnt Karate, I firmly believe one must try whatever they want to in their tiny span of a lifetime.
Cutting out the philosophy, Iā€™m an eager traveller, and have experience in reviewing food, restaurant, hotels and resorts. Being an admirer of beauty, one may also tag me as a photographer (though not the kind that edits too much to make drab things look pretty with unnerving colour explosions!)
Hope you have a good time reading what I have to offer on my blog. Happy reading sweet people!

For more fun-filled stories and personal accounts check out my other blog ‘The Free Boundless Soul’ at laharibasu.wordpress.com