FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory

What is it that is so amazingly attractive, funny and adorable about a group of friends merrymaking, fighting and laughing together onscreen? It’s the magical beauty of friendship that holds our attention till the very end of a show. This is the very cause behind the success of films and television series based on friendship. … Continue reading FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory

Jab Harry Met Sejal and the disaster followed:

Direction: Imtiaz Ali Cast: Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan, Aru Krishansh Verma, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Evelyn Sharma. Rating: 2/5   When I say the disaster followed, I mean it. Neither did it have a great beginning nor a perfect ending. Being slow as compared to other Imtiaz Ali films, Jab Harry Met Sejal might … Continue reading Jab Harry Met Sejal and the disaster followed:

I’m a nativist: Swara Bhaskar

Film festivals bring with them not only immense joy for cinema lovers but also an opportunity for admirers to meet their idols in person. Recently concluded Jagran film festival held at Siri Fort Auditorium saw a host of big names from Bollywood gracing the event, among which was Swara Bhaskar - the actor known for … Continue reading I’m a nativist: Swara Bhaskar

The man ahead of Modern Times

There are stars, superstars, and legends and then there is Charlie Chaplin – "the little fellow" who bore the torch ahead for future creative filmmakers, as Vanity Fair had once written, "the little fellow was not a small man." Every professional field has some exceptional member who is way ahead of their time thereby not … Continue reading The man ahead of Modern Times

From ‘damsels in distress’ to action divas

“Bachaaaooo; Help; Mujhe chhor do!!!” and such similar helpless screams of the Bollywood heroines have now changed to curses like “Jhand fakir suar ki aulaad mar ja saale kamine, thank you.” From “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano Ramesh babu” to “Ek ulte haath ki padegi na to tere plastic sergeon ko bhi … Continue reading From ‘damsels in distress’ to action divas