We have so much more to do… It’s too early to have a film on us: SANAM

Who would have thought one of India’s biggest music bands would sneak into Delhi for some delicious treats? Well, in case you did not know when SANAM visited the national capital recently for a private show, we caught up with the band members for a quick chat.

“We’re mainly here to eat, as we are very fond of the food from Delhi,” said Samar Puri, while brother Sanam added, “They make everything with a lot of heart, they have very good chefs here in Delhi.”

When asked if the Mumbai chefs were disappointing the foodies, Sanam said, between suppressed chuckles, “No, it’s just that there way too many options to eat here. Samar and I are from Delhi and we really miss the food back in Mumbai.”

Since Venkat Subramaniyam — famously called Venky S (bass guitar) — had met with an accident and is currently on a short break from performances, we got to interact with Sanam Puri (lead vocalist/composer), Samar Puri (lyricist/lead guitar/composer), and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums/lead music arranger). SANAM rose to fame with their exceptional renditions of songs like ‘Gulabi aankhen’, ‘Lag jaa gale‘, ‘Garmi di tu‘, and ‘Mere mehboob qayamat hogi‘ on YouTube.

“Although we can’t name the songs, we are coming up with an original very soon,” informs Sanam, to which Samar adds, “This year we are going to release a lot of originals and collaborations, and of course renditions.”
SANAM’s last original was ‘Tu Yahaan‘ released in July 2018, and before that was their very successful original titled ‘Sanam Mennu‘ was released a year ago.

While the band has their plate full this year with multiple collaborations, foreign concerts and Bollywood projects, what’s disappointing is that their lead vocalist Sanam said that they cannot share the names of any of those projects.

“We will be travelling abroad for some concerts, but we can’t names the places since they are yet to be finalised. I have also recorded a few songs with Bollywood, they should be out soon. But I’m not allowed to talk about it yet,” said Sanam.

Heading to the quintessential fan favourite question — would SANAM be interested in getting a Bollywood film made on them? Well… humbled by the question, the boys said that they think it is way too early for that. 

“We haven’t done anything yet… We are planning to do so much more in the next four to five years at least. And after that, if we have enough material for a movie, and someone wishes to make a movie on us, then yeah, why not?” expressed Sanam.

“But, we ourselves, wouldn’t want to… Our focus is to make good music, be happy and spread love. As long as these things are going smoothly, everything else is just fine,” said Keshav.

Having gifted their fans with covers of ‘Lag ja gale’, ‘Garmi di tu’, ‘Gulabi aankhein’, and original numbers like ‘Main hoon’, ‘Sanam Mennu’, ‘Titli’ and ‘Itni door’, the fabulous four had recently released their rendition of ‘Kahin door’ on YouTube.


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