It’s raining noodles at The Spice Route

The Spice Route offers an exclusive dining experience in a stunning backdrop. As you enter the courtyard, with its beautiful appearance the ambience will instantly transport you to Southeast Asia  — a picture perfect location accompanied by gentle music.

chef-veena-arora-chef-de-cuisine-at-the-spice-route-the-imperial-new-delhi-01.jpgChef Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine, The Spice Route, The Imperial is all set to take you on a journey of spices around Southeast Asia, with her exotic and tempting brand new menu titled ‘Noodle Symphony.’ The recipes from the exclusive noodle menu come with a twist to the traditional ones conjured up by the veteran chef. When you swoop in a mouthful of the ‘Chef’s Special’ noodles, the thin and light cellophane noodles with cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs takes you on a mind trip to Thailand. The chef advices that one must eat noodles as soon as they are served since the taste wears off and it might become slightly soggy when cold.

CHEF_S SPECIAL- stir fried cellophane noodle with cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggsChef Veena had experimented with the traditional Kieow Tieow Naam with chicken and Thai style wantons making it both healthy and tasty for her guests. She did not forget her vegetarian guests in the process, as she says, “To cater to my vegetarian guests and make the menu equally desirable as meat lovers, I have added vegan meat in all the vegetarian recipes, made with konjac and soya.” A noted advantage for vegetarians is the addition of mock meat in the noodles. “Vegan eaters often complain about the less variety in their noodles. Since it has mostly vegetables, they do not get to taste the variants in non-vegetarian noodle dishes. Therefore to provide some more elements and give them a close taste of meat, I added mock meat. Initially, I used soya nuggets, but here in India, I do not like the smell they add to the noodles,” describes the Chef De Cuisine.

SEN KROB- Wok fried crispy noodle with carrot, baby spinach and colorful bell peppers in Thai light soya sauceOne of the most outstanding dishes in the menu is Sen Krob — wok fried crispy noodle with vegetables in Thai light soya sauce. The ideal crisps blend in well with the vegetables and give you the much desired flavourful crunch in every bite making you crave for more. Another mention worthy meal is Kieow Tieow Kheow Waan – Thai rice noodles wok fried with green curry paste and bamboo shoots. The cooked-to-perfection broad noodle topped with crispy basil is an appetizing meal in itself.

To wrap up your well enjoyed Southeast Asian meal, try out some vegan coconut ice cream garnished with roasted peanuts – another twist to ice cream consumption by Chef Veena! If you are not so fond of coconut, have the vegan chocolate ice cream with the peanuts – tastes like heaven.

Upon completion of your meal take a leisurely walk down the garden while contemplating about the delicacies and the spice party down in your tummy. Drop in for a meal with friends and family soon, to try out these enriching flavours of Thailand for an ultimate indulgence.


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