FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory

What is it that is so amazingly attractive, funny and adorable about a group of friends merrymaking, fighting and laughing together onscreen? It’s the magical beauty of friendship that holds our attention till the very end of a show. This is the very cause behind the success of films and television series based on friendship. And talking of TV series on friends, the classic – ‘FRIENDS’ just happen to be the first name to flash upon one’s mind, following the likes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and many more.


If you have been watching and enjoying (really, how can one not enjoy such hilarious episodes making your gut ache with laughter) such series on television or more recently on the web, you’ll know why they are so addictive and liberating. Being a fan of both FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) in particular, I came across several sequences and instances in TBBT which clearly gives evidence of a high quotient of ‘inspiration’ from FRIENDS flowing through its veins (other than the obvious fact, two facing apartments in the same floor).  Here I’ll lay out some examples from The Big Bang Theory which connect and somehow bring back good ol’ memories from FRIENDS.

Leonard and Penny’s chemistry is strangely similar to that of Ross and Rachel. They just go on and off, on and off…


Remember the episode in FRIENDS where Phoebe gifts Monica the weird artwork (woman sticking out of the frame)? Yeah you got that right; TBBT had a similar episode with a possessive Amy dragging in a huge frame of a manly looking portrait of Penny and herself.


How can we forget the one episode in which Joey becomes a woman, living with his blonde room-mate! And then there’s the one episode in TBBT where Howard develops into a sensitive feminine character unknowingly getting an oestrogen overdose!


Remember the hospital scene from FRIENDS where Joey asks what Ross’ full name is? It can be Rostopher! He also writes ‘dinosaurs’  in answer to Ross’ profession while filling a form. Something similar happens in TBBT, when Sheldon takes Penny to the hospital and makes weird queries as he fills up the routine form.


The quick and Monica-managed wedding of Phoebe and Mike during heavy snowfall,  versus the hurried rooftop wedding ceremony of Howard and Bernadette photographed ‘from space’ on Google satellite and managed by Raj!

Their friends had their back, and made the weddings possible and memorable in their own style.


Monica’s OCD (Not just health department clean, but Monica clean). While Monica’s obsession was with cleanliness and organising things in her own way, Sheldon’s OCD has a lot more including Germophobia, Nosophobia and so many other phobia we didn’t know existed!


Remember Chandler’s estranged relationship with his erotic novel writer mother? Then to top things up Joey found out Ross kissing her! Then there’s TBBT’s Leonard’s weird relationship with his psychologist mother. When Penny gets her drunk, Leonard’s mom kisses Sheldon!


Both the series had one struggling but horrible actor – the one who is irresistibly attractive, we just can’t keep our eye off them – Joey and Penny of course. Duh!


Joey doesn’t share food, so does Sheldon, in fact if you touch Shelly’s food, he’d just throw it away!


Last but not the least, Chandler and Joey’s, and Raj and Howard’s bromance in FRIENDS  and TBBT respectively. They are just too weird yet adorable making us go ‘Aww.’


Even with so many visible and easy to spot similarities, TBBT is still one of my favourite shows. It just cracks up the audience with what the makers of the show has to offer. Scientists can be funny; one might not know a lot yet be the glue in a group holding everyone in place, those that are socially awkward can be amazing and loyal friends… After all, friend circles across the globe host some weird individuals, who when put together,  create magic. Happy Friendship Day!!


**If you have noticed some others similarities comment below and let all the fans know how you feel about the two shows.

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