‘Originate’: Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion

An ode to the unparalleled beauty of nature, designs at ‘Originate’ endeavour to celebrate the feminine spirit with a luxurious ready-to-wear wardrobe. 

Following a fluid pace, each garment possesses life and movement of its own. The seamless weave of classic and contemporary, traditional and conscious silhouettes creates a timeless and mindful collection. 

Ms. Ritika Jain, Founder, Originate

Not adhering to the capricious trends, the thoughtful designs can be worn season after season. From A-line Kurtas, billowy dresses, exquisite bottoms to cascading overlay drapes the silhouettes effortlessly embrace the celebratory vibe of each individual. 

Simply layering and accessorizing these style staples can create a wide range of versatile looks.

An entrancing assortment of natural materials like the soy protein fabric, linens, and comfortable cotton with immaculate craftsmanship, and an overarching simplicity creates a memorable experience. 

Passionately embroidered with florals and adorned with delicate stitch details, the flowy dresses satiate your appetite for organic colours and romantic garments with a strong textural identity. 

Conveying a message of mindfulness and simplicity, the pastel colour palette of classic white, mellow yellows, calming mint green, and earthy neutrals imbue a more minimalist and decluttered design aesthetic that touches the soul.

With imagery that is straight out of a whimsical story and drapery that rejoices an unhurried pace, the signature aesthetic perspires the sweet nostalgia into an ideal wardrobe for the summer, festive, and winter season.

Products ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 21,000 ‘Originate’ has something for everyone.


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