Reiki Healing – What, How, Why

Trainer from University of Infinitism, Florida, Reiki Grand Master Vineet Jain, founder of Reiki Energy Healer shares inputs to highlight the gaining popularity and method of Reiki healing. Winning an award this year for successfully healing more than 1000 chronic patients Vineet Jain started his journey with Reiki, after being in bed for 18 months, and losing all hope for life.

After being rejected by almost all doctors in India, he learned Reiki for his self-healing, and eventually it became a burning desire for him to help the world. He has been training since 2005, and regularly conducts Reiki workshops to teach this holistic method to interested candidates.

Discussing Reiki techniques with various spiritual leaders from different parts of the world, during this prolonged pandemic, he has worked on more than 1000 COVID patients successfully.

With the pandemic, several growing aspects of ours lives took a hit, and despite numerous attempts most of us have not recovered from the losses. This kind of situation makes us feel stuck in a limbo of an unending loop of self-doubt, low-confidence, and helplessness. It is here that Reiki healing plays an important role in breaking that chain and showing us a way to move ahead.

If you are in a similar position in life and want to try a method seek clarity, here are some basic information about Reiki healing you must know:

What is reiki healing?

Reiki healing is a holistic healing, where we use several cosmic energies present around us for healing physical / relationship or financial blockages

How do people get help from reiki?

People use Reiki for clearing blockages in their chakras. We all have main 7 chakras. Blockage in any one or multiple chakras could create physical, financial or relationship issues. After learning Reiki, people can scan and identify the root cause of blockage and eventually heal it themselves or help clear others’ blockages.

When does one need to consult a healer?

If anyone feels that their health, finances, or relationships are at an unusually low point, and even after several attempts to make things better, their life is stuck, they should contact a Reiki practitioner for healing.

What are the signs that tells one that they should fix their reiki?

Some common signs like the feeling that nothing is working out for them to improve their business, or relationship, or health, they should seek help for get their Reiki fixed to get back to a rocking life.

What are the different methods of healing?

We use symbol energy, visualisation energy, sound energy, colour energy, touch healing, crystal healing, tapping among many others. We also use a fusion of multiple modalities in our training and healing. There is never a certain method for any healing, however touch healing is what is taught at level 1 to beginners, so most use it. Some use crystal healing and sound healing as well.

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