Getting to know our Indcredible India

Why should foreign traveller only know India through Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, and the Backwaters of Kerala when there’s so much more to offer?

You must have heard of the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas – how the clouds descend to your footsteps in the hills, how the acres long of tea gardens mesmerize tourists in Darjeeling, and how the numerous waterfalls provide you with very photogenic backgrounds to store in your memories forever. While you are aware of these, you might know just a few places to experience this, but did you know of Lava, Lolegaon, Rishyap, Kolakham? Most travel enthusiasts might not, for they aren’t as established tourist spots as Darjeeling. Similarly, there are innumerable examples of such lesser known places which are, in fact, more welcoming, and beautiful as compared to the established tourist location near them. 

When the world is trying to gradually come out of the reeling effects brought by the massive blow of the pandemic, tourism plays a very importnt role in helping people return to their normal way of life, but with their masks on! Although we do not have complete freedom of travelling like we did a year ago, there are many unexplored places near us we can take a trip to. not only will it be cheaper, but also convenient for us to travel within the country and experience the rich heritage, rather than book a flight abroad with a constant fear of flight cancellation, visa proceedings etc. 

New Tourism Foundation, a non-profit registered body, is bringing the first-of-its-kind, inaugural edition of Tourism Students Festival (TSF’20), a two-day virtual event taking place on 16th and 17th October 2020, is a magnanimous attempt to bring together the tourism industry, academia, government, and the students to discuss the accelerating growth of tourism in India.

With over 200 speakers and 1300 guests from across the spectrum participating, the sessions will focus on understanding the new developments in the travel and tourism industry and expectations in a post-COVID scenario.  

With an aim to promote our Indian Tourism with the younger generation across the globe, TSF’20 will have some interesting sessions on responsible tourism; tourism entrepreneurship, skilling for the new normal including tourism journalism, along with health and safety; and adventure tourism, among other things. 

Speaking about the event, Vinod Zutshi, IAS (Retd), Former Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, President New Tourism Foundation and Chairman, said, “TSF’20 will provide some great insights on the new normal in the tourism industry including skilling and other aspects. It will be two days of interesting discussions on the way forward in this industry and finding solutions and better opportunities through public-private partnerships in this segment.”

Sanjay Soni, Vice Chairman, TSF’20 added, “This initiative has come at a very opportune time. This is a period when every industry is undergoing a transition in terms of both work and new opportunities. This event is set to change the face of Indian travel and tourism industry by creating a nexus of budding professionals and other stakeholders including academia and governments.”

To participate at the event, please sign up here and pay to attend the sessions. You can also enter the contests and win exciting prizes like travel vouchers, meal vouchers, gift cards, and hotel stays!


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