Meet Swati on a mission of spreading positivity, guided by the Universe

Hailing from a business family in Kolkata, choosing art as a career option was not easy, but it was Swati Pasari’s passion and love for art that eventually helped her in winning the love and support of her family as well as connoisseurs. Giving in to her inner calling Swati launched her art brand, Soulink, in 2007. The 32-year-old has travelled across the World exhibiting her all so happy artworks ever since. 

Swati is heavily influenced by Indian mythology and spirituality and it shows very distinctly in her a series of sculptures of Lord Ganesha and Buddha which she is currently working on, capturing various moods and postures. Bright and vibrant hues in her artworks radiate happiness and bliss spreading her belief of creating an aura of peace, happiness and positivity for admirers of her artworks. 

“I  can never pin point when and how the painting will end, it is just an inner joy which I feel when my thoughts are translated on the art work  and that is when I know my work is done,” says Swati.

“They say that you have to be lost in order to be found. Every artist strives for inner peace, and art is only a method of finding inner wholesomeness”, adds Swati.

“I never got the chance to study it but I had immense passion and inclination towards art which made me hold my first exhibition and surprisingly it brought in a lot of warm response. I knew then, that art was my inner calling and there was no looking back,” explains the artist who believes in spreading an aura of peace, happiness and most importantly positivity.

Talking about how Indian mythology grasped her mind so much she said, “Having been around religious practices and spirituality always, mythology or spirituality always interested me and it is no surprise that they inspire me the most.”

Pranic healing which helped me find a way to express my inner soul

Elaborating on her positive outlook towards life, Swati says, “Pranic healing helped me a lot in my life… you can say it changed my life to some extent. It was Pranic healing which helped me find a way to express my inner soul and being a Pranic healer, most of my creations are made to spread positivity. To express spirituality in a tangible form, I’ve taken the help of both paintings and sculptures. I meditate and take guidance from the universe. I focus more on energy and that creates in the influence and I try to reflect it on the canvas through colours.”

Talking of exploring other genres, Pasari chuckles and says, “I just flow with my creativity and it produces the artworks. If you ask me, I wonder, if an artist can choose a genre! The universe inspires you and you just flow with it.”

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