Demystifying tattoo-myths with Bloodmates

Tattoos are more than often related to being painful, labelled as ‘only for hippies’, and still considered a taboo in some parts of our society.

Common myths about tattoos include how one with tattoos cannot donate blood, or once you get a tattoo it cannot be removed. Eminent tattoo artist Vikas Malani demystifies these myths in the backdrop of #youtoo in Kolkata, a movement which aims at spreading the word, that tattooed people can also donate blood.

#youtoo, is an attempt to be the voice of awareness to an issue impacting millions of people worldwide. In order to break the myth that tattooed persons cannot donate blood, Bloodmates have taken an initiative to raise awareness against this. #youtoo is a joint project of KolEevent and Newzpole, along with Bloodmates to organize a blood donation camp only with the Tattooed people on August 11.

Many people are in dire need of blood in situations of emergency, it is estimated that 38,000 units of blood are needed daily in India. And the need and demand for blood transfusions extends beyond the confinements of our community, beyond the borders of our land — as, every two seconds someone needs blood. 

Myth vs reality:

Tattooed people cannot donate blood: It’s only the first three months that you cannot donate blood. After that you can donate blood.

Tattoos cannot be removed: They can be removed through a laser treatment leaving no scars behind.

Tattoos will fade when you get old: Your tattoos need maintenance. You need to moisturize your tattoo at least once in a day.

Skin allergy and blood poisoning: Many people tend to believe that getting a tattoo can lead to skin allergies. But with the right artist who has experience and works with the hygiene factor in mind, it doesn’t come up as a problem.

People below 18 cannot get a tattoo: You can surely get a tattoo even if you are not 18, it will not have any health hazards. There’s no age bar as such.

Talking about how these myths can be eradicated, Vikas Malani, Founder , BodyCanvas Tattoos says, “Over the years, tattooing as a profession has developed considerably. Last few years we have seen some amazing revolutionary products which have changed the industry for better.”

“Tattoo equipment from Cheyenne and Dermalize has helped artists to produce much better work and also helped the clients with regards to aftercare of the tattoo. Although, the experience comes into the picture here.

A very common though among people who want to get tattooed is that it hurts a lot. Well, Mr Malani here clears the air stating that it doesn’t and people need not fear the needle so much.

“Tattoos do not hurt as much as the hype was earlier, we hear almost everyday our clients anticipating the pain. However, they realize it was thousand times more bearable than what they heard from their friends. It all depends on the experience and professionalism of the tattoo studio. Another complain many tend to have is that tattoos fade – one must never forget that the a tattoo made on the skin needs to be nourished and moisturized almost everyday to make sure it looks better,”explains Vikas.

One donation can save an average of up to three lives.

These blood drives are means of contributing to the cause ofย meeting the high demand for blood donations needed daily to save livesย of thousands of people. Come ahead and support this august cause this Sunday at Thalassemia Management and Daycare Centre, Kolkata.

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  1. Really Lahari, I sincerely appreciate ur time and ur touching words and also the way u r focusing ur future its seems like ur strength is always beside u
    I would like to join the date (11th August) but unfortunately I canโ€™t.
    But for sure those are attending, lots of thumbs up and love for them..#youtoo #gofortattoo

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