Hop in ‘The Creative Kitchen’ for some unique dishes with your date

Living in Delhi NCR is quite a blessing for foodies like the one typing now! This area is home to not only a huge and ever-increasing population, but also to numerous escape zones for the hard-working population. Restaurants that curate and innovate menus to enchant your taste buds are all over the city, but some stand out from the rest with their beautifully presented aromatic and drool-worthy dishes.

A recent visit to Radisson Noida reminded me of how enjoyable some simple and often seen dishes can be when you take a minute to reflect on the texture and beauty that the dish boasts of. Radisson’s The Creative Kitchen celebrates food with fervour every Friday.

Their recipes of famous barbecues and grilled meats, and salads were simply a rather colourful way to brighten up my winter. Their exclusive main course menu will also steal your glances as the aroma tingles your nostrils.

From their Oriental live counter I tried the grilled chicken noodles and wiped the plate clean. Needless to say, this smooth, greasy (as per required), lip-smacking dish had me on the very first bite. If not for the array of food displayed in front of me, I’d simply go for another serving and call it a day!

The grilled chicken and grilled fish from their starters are also worth mentioning. With the use of local Indian sole fish, the grills are rich in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, as in fish like the salmon and mackerel.

Among the vegetarian dishes I personally loved the mushroom stuffed paratha that came with an array of sauces to compliment the natural taste of the sauted finely chopped mushrooms wrapped up carefully in a soft paratha. Other mention worthy veg entrees were the paneer tikka and veg shammi kebab.

Then came the star dish, as I’d like to call it – roasted lamb in berry jus. The tender lamb basking in a glamorous soup of reduced berry jus is a sight to behold. Furthermore, it tastes even better than it looks. Quite an unorthodox combination for Indian palates, you’d love the tangy delightful sweetness on the lamb with some veges on the side. It is a must try for all meat lovers.

There are a lot more on offer at The Creative Kitchen on the initiative of Executive Chef, Sujeet Singh, and strolling about the place will only have you wanted a little bit of everything that’s available.

Their lamb biryani is pure bliss; one spoon of that light piece of heavenly warmth and your eyes with automatically slide shut making you feel complete.

Although they had several items for starters and mains, dessert lovers might be a little sad on the limited array of sweet dishes. But yet, the not-so-elaborate dessert section had some unique and precisely perfect dishes having which I could happily call it a day post an enjoyable dinner.

My favourite were their bite sized coconut desserts — they look like tiny half coconuts resting on a pile of shredded coconut flesh. Upon a careful bite, when you recognise the refreshing taste of coconut cream after the powerful bittersweet dark chocolate, your face will bloom up in a full grin. To add some extra flavour to the little piece of art, they have added a bit of passion fruit reduction on top of the coconut cream delight.


January Fridays were all about winter grill and it had a whole range of grilled dishes from various cuisines from around the globe. Now, let’s see what specialties they have in February — the month of celebrating love.

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