Ditch all the lovey-dovey gifts this Valentine’s Day, and gift something that really matters

Have you been wondering much like the rest of us on what to gift your lover this Valentine’s Day? Well, while most of us are happily single and enjoy to-the-core watching couples fight and embarrass each other in public, and feeling blessed about our singleselves, there are many who genuinely love and are loved mutually.

For them, expressing love isn’t a big deal – they’ve already done it and they’re a winner, while we losers also sometimes mope around with long faces on days like this soon approaching February 14!

However, when it comes to buying gifts on a special occasion or otherwise, many of these lion-hearted lovers tend to shrink down to tiny mice panicking on what to gift to that special someone that will be useful and helpful.

Here’s a list of some unique gift ideas that might help you through these very hard times!

First guard yourselves

If you’re a Delhiite, buying any product that can help one fight the sever air pollution is definitely helpful. In this category lies air purifiers, anti pollution face mists, herbal teas, house plants etc. One of the very first things to take care of is one’s health. Even if you’re the most gentle lover, coughing the day off breathing in pollutants from that choking air won’t help either of you be in a healthy relationship, let alone a healthy life. Therefore, get to safeguarding yourselves first. 

If you are married or in a steady relationship, insuring your partner’s health is a wise decision and a beautiful gesture.

Love is all about sacrifice (mild of course!)

If you’re the one who’s been the more pampered one in the relationship, it’s time to pull up your socks and do some real work. Cooking your partner’s choice of meal is a pretty honest and loving effort to make him/her feel pampered. Love is all about sacrifice, so for a day you can shed your opinions and push yourself a little to watch his/her favourite film or TV show, or visit their choice of place.

The gift of time

Also, one must not forget that time is a precious thing, and over years we’ve all come to see how the lack of time can crumble even the strongest of relationships. If you can spend quality time with your loved one there’s nothing like it. No woman (not quite sure about men) would cherish you more if you set her as a priority in your life with time.

Although you have a busy work life, or a bustling social life which might prevent you from spending hours with her, including her in your stories of the day or simply sitting together a hot cuppa will add value to your relation.

DIY is the best

But then again, what’s more precious than hand made gifts wrapped in love and warmth? If you have the luxury of time, indulge in some DIY ways of expressing love, or putting in that little added touch of finesse to the gift you’re planning to give your partner.

Preparing a little handmade card with a good message, or creatively wrapping up any gift you’ve bought are some of the most basic things that you can do.

Since photographs help one relive old memories, creating a way of having some memorable photos on display is more than a welcoming sight. Every time he/she looks at the set of photos they will be bowled over by your attempt at arranging and giving the art a shape on their wall or desk!


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