Ruby chocolate to fancy decor: What’s new in the dessert factory in 2019?

As we made it to 2019 fighting off fat and carbs to restrain from gaining weight, it’s time to find out what’s in store for sweet-tooths. With various new techniques and ingredients making it to the Indian kitchen, what should be expect from our desserts this year?

Talking to experts here’s what was found:

  • Focus on catering to persons with special dietary needs
  • Organic food colouring will be more encouraged
  • The newest variant of chocolate, Ruby chocolate, will be in focus
  • Dairy-free dessert options
  • Asian flavours to take centrestage
  • Upside down cakes
  • Instagram friendly artistic looking desserts

The trickle down effect of wanting to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle has reached the desserts section of our daily menus as well.

‘Witness some drama in the desserts’

Pastry Chef Nasir Sabri, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla opines, “Few years back, a restaurant’s vegan dessert option would have been restricted to a fruit salad. However, with veganism on a rise, dairy free dessert options will be a top trend of the year. While last year, matcha ruled the dessert trend, this year Asian flavours will continue to play supreme role in the world of desserts.”

Given the influence Instagram has on our lives, especially on food trends, Chef Nasir is all up for innovative presentation of deserts this year. “I would personally love to experiment with boozy flavours in my recipes. I love Instagram and I am very intrigued to elevate the presentation of my desserts to a new level. So next time you visit French Heart at Crowne Plaza Okhla, you may witness some drama in the desserts in the form of hand painting, shattered crystals, plant based edible colours, mirror glaze and artistic finishing. What will see a comeback according to me are upside down cakes and crème brulee with a twist,” says Chef Nasir.

Fluffy pastries with a pinch of healthy ingredients

Chef Vivek Chauhan, Pastry chef at The Imperial says, “This year, there is excitement in the Food Industry about the new Ruby Chocolate, introduced by Barry Calleabut, reputed to have a sweet and sour taste. Also, warm weather in India calls for light fluffy pastries, and éclair can be a perfect example which can be made with light diplomat cream and matcha powder or with raspberry & litchi which are some great combinations. In 2019, French creams like Creamaux, Crème Chiboust, Crème Mousseline will be quite popular with Patisseries.”

“Another highlight will be plated food as it will provide guest an exclusive combination of starters, main course and desserts followed with Petit Fours,” adds Chef Vivek.

Fusion of flavours

“We are working extensively towards being able to offer guests with modern and fusion dishes in an evolved manner. We can see how the portion sizes have reduced drastically but the overall variety has increased manifold. Also, there’s fusion of various natural and organic raw materials in the traditional confectioneries,” said Executive Chef Shivanand Kain, Jaypee Greens Gold & Spa Resort.

“In order to show variations and keep the food palette pleased at all points in time we have started promoting various vegetable, fruits and flower-based coloring. This is coupled with dry fruit-based yogurts, flower based puddings and fruit flavored ice creams and sorbets.”

The thought behind expanding the offering is not only to cater only calorie conscious customers but also lactose in tolerant, anti-gluten and diabetic persons as well, feels Chef Shivanand.


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