Delhi’s most Instagram-friendly restaurant — Plum by Bent Chair

When on one hand hundreds of quirky restaurants are cropping up across Delhi NCR, very few actually manage to stand out with their uncommon themes — and I chanced upon one such place which happened to be one of my most memorable restaurant experiences in the city.

Plum by Bent Chair is not your usual funky looking food outlet, rather it is a glamorous tour to the exquisite collection of furniture and home decor items on offer from Bent Chair. The entrance of the restaurant has a huge purple bear with bee-wings peeking into the interiors from outside – this massive statue will instantly up your curiosity quotient.

As per the name, the restaurant boasts of the plum colour and has on display various types of chairs — from a royal purple cushioned chair (my favourite) to modern lounge sofas, complemented with classy coffee tables. The look of the tables is completed with a lip-shaped chopsticks holders! Also, what caught my attention instantly were the lovely crockery – one of the plates had a gorilla stare at me with the text ‘What I leave, YOU EAT!’

While on one side is their rather long bar counter, the rest of the restaurant boasts of a riot of colours splashed across the area in fancy mirrors, wall hangings, decorative pieces, and digital artworks reworked with embroidery.

Once I had a blast checking out this Instagram friendly restaurant and all the beautiful things they have on display, I chose a cosy corner to begin the feast and ordered some cool mocktails (I’m really not into alcohol). Saigon Dream — my cool green coloured mocktail will be a wise choice to calm your nerves

Plum specialises in Oriental cuisine, and everything on the menu delivered to your table is chopsticks-friendly. Sushi is not a personal favourite, yet I was surprised to see the variety. Once I had reluctantly had one Salmon Ura Maki, I knew from the very first bite that Chef Saurav Bhatnagar’s creation really hit the right chords of my taste buds! Bite-sized sushis, with a bit of wasabi paste on the side and their in-house sauces, was perfect to the ‘t’; now I can say, “I like sushis, thanks to Chef Saurav Bhatnagar.”

Fret not vegetarians, for there’s a huge variety for you as well. A very delightful experience was definitely from the unexpected — Planta broccoli bird eyes chilly. Chef Bhatnagar gave a twist to a rather boring vegetable with a milk-based slightly sweet batter. My favourites from the menu were — the crystal dumplings, as soft as satin with that melt-in-the-mouth texture; the super silky Avocado cream cheese truffle, their Spicy barbecue chicken bao, and the Planta broccoli.

Being a sweet tooth, I could never leave a meal incomplete without tasting some desserts. And Plum’s brief but creative dessert menu will surely blow your mind. I tried out their tropical cheesecake with apple syrup, and the banana sushi with Nutella and dark chocolate sauce. Needless to say how I was bowled over by this sweet sushi all over again!

Even the tropical cheesecake with dried coconut shavings and tiny bits of my favourite fruits were a very fresh way of completing a meal. The sweet and tangy apple syrup must be poured in proportion over the cheesecake, to maintain the balance of the dish. The pastel shade appearance of the dessert is so pleasing to the eye that one can’t help but stare at it in awe and click endless photos of the creamy delight.

A lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon with some close friends over great food and drinks, Plum might just be the new millennial favourite, if only it was situated a little inside the capital and not as far away as Aerocity. Pick a date and have a great time with your buddies this weekend.

Bonus: Everything you see here from the decorative pieces, lanterns, crockery, and furniture — everything is available for purchase on Bent Chair’s website! Thank me later! 😉

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