Indulge yourself in some wintry delights at Terrace Grill, Vaishali

When was the last time you enjoyed a meal at an open terrace? Well, I just did a while ago, and the experience was more than pleasant.

Terrace Grill plays host to select a number of tables by a pool at the terrace of Mahagun Sarovar Portico Suites, Vaishali, New Delhi. If you’re worried about how the cool breeze may shake you up, let me assure you, their hot food will brighten up your day like never before.

The first thing you notice here is the extraordinary menu. Why extraordinary? Well, to begin with, the food here is way cheaper than many restaurants across the capital. Not only are the dishes cheap, but they also excel in taste and classy presentation. And on top of that, you get a hearty laugh while scanning the menu. You might as well spend a good amount of time reading it.

The USP of the Grill restaurant is their innovative way of naming the dishes and awe-inspiring presentation of the simplest of appetisers foodies can relate to.

Moving over to food, if you’re into fried stuff it’s best to order the appetiser platters – both the veg platter and the non-veg platters were pure delights. While I got to steal some bites from my vegetarian friend’s rightfully acquired platter, she looked rather glum watching me dig into the juiciest chicken tikkas.

I personally loved the dahi kebab from the veg platter, but nothing could ever beat the perfectly hot and soft galouti kebabs that glided down my throat like a block of butter sliding off a hot pan… Oh! that taste still lingers on… Their chicken kebab as well had that spot on kebab effect on your tongue which is if you’re not careful, you may just gorge onto too many of them ruining your appetite for the main course.

When waiting for the main course, sipping my drink that cuddled my taste buds, I discovered what a gem the menu card was!

This is by far the most innovative naming system I have ever come across. When names like — Dahi ke Sholay, Zameern Ke Taare, Hook the Kuk, Seekh Toh Hona Hi Tha, Baby Ko Paneer Pasand hai, Sharma Ji Ke Sharmila Kofte, Aye Mere Pyaare Mutton — grace the menu, how can you not be amused? Even the bar menu will tickle your funny bones as they made it a point to divide and categorise their patron’s priorities! You can choose your beer from the section titled ‘I work till beer o’clock’ then there’s ‘Shootout at Zila Ghaziabad’ and much more for you to choose your booze from.

And while you wait for your lip-smacking food to arrive, you may as well indulge yourself in some amazing mocktails. One of my favourite drinks was cuddles in the beach. Sexy, right? 😉

The star of their main course was the garlic naan bread. I could just go on eating them for ever… the soft, garlicky buttery naans are like dishes themselves, you might just eat them without any curry. But the mutton curry deserves a good round of applause for the way the spice-loaded and the perfectly consistent gravy held the mutton together and gleamed like sunshine at our table. Needless to say, I licked away the tangy spicey gravy off my fingers when I ran out of naan!

The Nanhi Sabziyon Ka Mel, basically a mixed vegetable dish, also caught my attention, as I found my pieced garlic naan more than often scooping up some veggies from the bowl.

By the time we were almost full, came in the dessert platter with mini gulab jamuns, kulhar kulfi and the PERFECT gajar ka halwa, which is largely my favourite Indian dessert. I make a point to cook this delicacy as many times in the winter as possible, and being a fan since childhood, I’m too harshly critical of the various variants of the halwa available out there. But it gives me immense joy to announce that their gajar ka halwa was spot on!

Carefully textured, the grated and perfectly cooked carrots, had the right amount of milk and sugar. Blended in with some khoya, this concoction went on to become the best dessert I’ve had this winter.


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