Food review: Mystery of Spice, Noida

The Mystery of Spice sticks to the aura of its name and delivers an array of spicy food from various cuisines. Situated in Noida, the interiors of the restaurant is pretty quirky and very inviting to the youth. Once you get seated, you get to admire the floral print chairs maintaining a cool bloom within the closed doors.

Coming to the food, they have a rather limited menu for you to choose from. But you can start off with a platter of non-veg kebabs. The drool-worthy chicken kebab paired with a creamy dhania chutney will boost your appetite for some more juicy and spicy chicken. However, their lip-smacking mutton seekh kebab steals the show and can be declared the ‘king’ of their starters with ease.

The vegetarian bruschettas come with a delicious topping, but the garlic bread is too crispy and makes one feel as though they are munching onto a rusk! Yet this crunch sort of grows on you and delivers that Indian twist in the Italian dish.

Moving over to the mains, their pink sauce pasta is terrific. Very few restaurants manage to maintain the al-dente consistency of pasta while preparing the widely-loved dish. While the sauce was great — with a good texture, a proper amount of cheese — what was unpleasant was the addition of rather cold chewy chunks of chicken found in between the penne.

Being a fan of garlic bread, it must be added that the accompanying succulent garlic bread in the pasta dish was nothing short of one of their best preparations.

We’d also tried one of our all-time favourites — American Chop suey, but it was quite a letdown. Given the mass appeal and widely known ingredients used in the dish, the otherwise tasty gravy lacked the thickness one might assume from a chop suey. The similarly cold chicken chunks drowned in the bowl brimming over with a rather thin gravy was not very appetising.

However, their vegetarian preparations are pretty awesome. Their “best dish” as claimed is Paneer tikka rumali sizzler, and it seems that vegetarians will have a blast partying here. 

This casual dining restaurant is a pretty new addition to Noida’s gourmet bunch of restaurants. This quaint little place is a good option to drop in with your family for weekend dinners, or with a bunch of friends over some cricket-talk accompanied with starters. Also, as many would love it, their rocking playlist works as an icing to the whole dining experience.

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