This restaurant may be the solution to your ultimate pizza experience

When was the last time you had a tasty and satiating meal with a bunch of friends over a hearty conversation? You probably can’t recall one such rendezvous beyond house parties, can you? Well, there’s a restaurant in Noida which not only brings you good food at the table, and some lip-smacking drinks, but also respects your privacy.

The American chain Uno Chicago Bar and Grill known for their deep dish pizzas, is brought to India by Ambuja Neotia Hospitality, and is located at Garden’s Galleria Mall in Noida. Although they play trendy and pop music, it’s never too loud to discourage you from having a conversation with your pals. After all it’s the long lost connection and gossips we want to catch up to when we meet friends after a long time.

A fan of burgers? This place has a whole list of massive burgers and sandwiches — but choose wisely if you have eating disorders… You’d not want to put on too much weight now! Their menu also comes with an entire page dedicated to vegetarian dishes.

In case you’ve planned a long evening try ordering some crunchy fried prawns – they’ll give you an idea of what prawns might taste like if KFC had them in their menu! Those crispy and juicy prawns along with the spicy dip will leave you asking for more. In case you’re allergic to sea food, there’s a ton of other lip-smacking starters and salads. Either of them paired with a nice drink will help you get a much deserved slice of joy every time you munch onto them.

Coming to the food they have to offer from their not so elaborate menu, there are certain must try dishes like their Chicago meat market deep dish pizza. Like the name suggests, a deep dish pizza is a thick stuffed pizza that’s served on a pan, hot out of the oven. Quite resembling a meat pie, a deep dish pizza is a meal in itself. With the generous quantity of shredded chicken and minced mutton infused in the dish along with pepperoni and some of the best quality cheese, one quarter of the pizza takes up quite the space in your tummy.

But if you are not fond of pepperoni, try a different pizza instead of the Chicago meat market. And in case you opt for a vegetarian pizza, try out the Farmers market deep dish pizza.

One of the best meals options here would be their Chicken spinoccoli pasta — the penne in basil pesto sauce, with cherry tomatoes, is topped with a chicken roulade filled with broccoli and spinach. The creamy sauce dripping from the hot pasta as you lift a spoonful is a sight, that might just make your heart melt! The accompanying lithe addition of that fluffy aromatic garlic bread on the side is the touch of a genius.

Being a recently opened joint and awaiting liquor licence the restaurant has not started serving alcohol yet. One of the best things about Uno Chicago is that their dishes come in good quantity, so in case you’re not in a mood to try different things, just a large burger, or a dish of pasta will do good to satiate your hunger. A meal for two might cost you around Rs 1200 excluding taxes.

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