I have done some really formidable and exciting things in my life: Dia Mirza

Former beauty queen, actor, producer, eco-warrior, Dia Mirza wears many hats with graceful ease. That she loves to travel should not come as a surprise, with her work taking her to places far and wide.

Talking about her preferences while travelling, Dia said, “I am always desirous of seeing a place that has a rich, natural environment and heritage. There is so much of India that I have explored in the past seven years, and there’s so much more still left to be explored in our country. It baffles me why more people do not travel more within the country. When I was doing ‘Ganga – The Soul of India’, I travelled via road through 5 states. The sights, sounds, stories, and the things that I discovered and experienced, felt and saw – there’s nothing compared to that. What I’m really always drawn to is a rich natural setting, but also a place’s art and culture, and music.”


When I asked her the quintessential travel junkie question — ‘Mountains or beaches?’ She replied, “For me as long as it is wild and natural I’m happy to travel there.”

Dia also has an adventurous side to her, speaking of the various adventure sports she has tried out so far she said, “I have done some really formidable and exciting things in my life. I have parasailed, bungee-jumped, and jet skied. The only thing that I haven’t done yet is, learn how to sky-dive. It is everyone’s top list now, and I think Farhan has really popularised it, because he is apparently a certified skydiver, and he can do 16 types of dives! which is phenomenal.”

Dia: An avid reader

In conversation - Akanksha G Mittal & Dia Mirza 3

Dia Mirza was recently in the capital attending the launch of a book on poetry — ‘The Sound of Silence’, by Akanksha G Mittal. Talking about the kind of books Dia — who is known to be an avid reader — likes to read, she said, “I think my taste in books has evolved over a period of time. When I was younger I really enjoyed reading fiction, science fiction, and poetry, whereas today I’ve gravitated towards biographies and history more.”

“Books are like this endless discovery of self, and the world. I don’t believe it is possible to ever choose one or two books. It is just an ongoing discovery of beauty and art and greatness that exists,” Dia expressed her love for books.

She managed to mention one of her favourite books, “A recent book on history which has shifted my perspective was ‘The Silk Roads: A New History of the World’, by Peter Frankopan. It gave me a new idea of Asian history that you don’t get very often, because primarily a lot of history is defined by the Western perspective. It was fascinating to discover our art, culture, traditions, and trade and how Asia evolved as a place right from the early centuries all the way to now.”

Mindful of my choices

“I am very discerning about the choices that I make, not because I take myself too seriously, but because I take my time very seriously. I think that all of us have been given finite time, I’d rather spend that time engaging in doing things that I truly love and admire and respect because I have the good fortune of being able to do that. There are many people in this world who have to get up go to work whether they like it or not. I have that privilege of making the choice since I’m financially secure.”


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