Smaaash: Your must visit hangout zone

Smaaash, Noida has launched a renewed menu recently, alongside revamping the interiors. In case you haven’t been to the place already, Smaaash is not a regular cafe or bar, but is a massive gaming zone which will allow you to enjoy various Virtual reality games, and other indoor delights while you have a light snack or take a sip of your chilled beer.

While a friend and I went to check out their menu after a hard day’s work we had an amazing evening over some delicious drinks and finger-licking awesome dishes.

To start off with your course on a hot summer evening, it’s wise to choose a cool drink, and since neither of us were in the mood for alcohol we opted for the virgin mojito and the watermelon mojito. Without the doubt, the latter was heaven gliding down my throat! The sweet and tanginess of the fruit balanced perfectly with ginger ale, and mint leaves will wash off all the stress you’ve acquired that day.

While you soak your parched throat with the lovely drinks, and chat about your lives you have access to some live music throughout, as the young singer ledns his voice to latest Bollywood numbers, or to a request.

As the smiling attendants wait your table, and fill it up gradually with the dishes you’ve ordered, the aroma from the food tingle your nostrils and before you know, you’re already half full! The first thing to land on our table was the cheese rolls, these are finger like snacks, filled with cheese and covered with a slightly chewy yet crispy coating, served with a spicy dip and a sweet and sour chutney. The resultant combination melts in your mouth pleasurably.

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We also tried the Amritsari fish, a traditional punjabi snack with some onion rings, and dhaniya chutney, a huge bowl of nachos and some crispy chicken – the king of our dinner!

While the hot and spicy chicken strips stole our heart away, satisfying weeks of chicken-less diet, the dips that came with the massive bowl of nachos complimented the fish perfectly.

All the while when we satiated our tummies with the delicious food and talked about girly stuff having met each other after ages, the live music played on, if only the volume could have been lower we’d not have to shout to each other asking about our lives.


To round up the experience, Smaaash is an awesome place to hang out with your friends for a chilled out evening, over some cheap yet great food and drinks while you can also try your hands at the numerous games available there. Hop in and check out the place yourself. If you’ve already been there do share your experience.


  • Excellent prime location, DLF Mall of India, Noida Film City
  • Freaking cheap, will never burn a whole in your pocket
  • Refreshing menu
  • The outstanding ambience of gaming will energise you up
  • You can see the price of your drink on the screens placed on the walls


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