New Zealand: Oceania’s darling

Ever hear of a country so populated with sheep that you actually hear the ‘bah bah’ of sheep out pass the human chattering? Did you know that the black sand beaches in NZ are magnetic and can sometimes affect your watches and cell phones? Read on as Firoze Mistry shares his once-in-a-lifetime experience travelling New Zealand with his photographs in a series of posts…

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand comprises of two main land masses namely the North Island and the South Island, along with a few hundred smaller islands. A dreamland for tourists, New Zealand boasts awe-inspiring natural habitat, breathtaking mountain views and offers an unbeatable experience for adventure sport enthusiasts.


With the sky blue waters, fresh cool breeze and some coffee and cherries for breakfast, one would unabashedly have a once-in-a-lifetime experience travelling in New Zealand. Known to be a clean green adventure playground, NZ has massive tourism attractions ranging from whale watching to bungee jumping.

A friend, Firoze Mistry, who recently visited the marvel-land of Oceania and captured colourful memories with his Leica camera, shared his experience of the tour: “I’ve seen much of the world, but even so, New Zealand took my breath away. All things considered, it is possibly the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited. The sheer variety of its incredible natural beauty is unsurpassed”.

(All photographs have been clicked by Firoze Mistry with his Leica camera)

Hailing from Mumbai, Firoze took a 21 hour long flight to Auckland to begin his memorable journey through this amazing country.

The Sky Tower, 328m high, is the tallest free-standing structure in the entire southern hemisphere


Having explored the central part of NZ thoroughly, Firoze noted that Auckland, the largest city of NZ is where 1/3 of the entire population of the country lives. Quite interestingly, the city is built over approximately 48 extinct volcanoes. While Half Moon Bay is a beautiful area in the city, the downtown area is compact and can be covered on foot. However the Auckland Metropolitan area is widespread consisting many sub-towns, each with its own unique charm.

Half Moon Bay at twilight


“I didn’t have time to explore the northern part of the North Island, north of Auckland, and missed out on many beautiful places. I would have loved to go to Cape Reinga which is the very northern tip of NZ, especially since I did go to Bluff in South island, which is the southernmost tip of NZ. Nor did I explore the southern part of NI like Wellington etc. One simply can’t do it all in 16 days, especially a country like NZ which has breathtaking sights around every corner,” expressed Firoze.



The day after arriving to NZ, Firoze drove to the spectacular Muriwai beach, an hour’s distance out of Auckland. “This is one of the ‘must do’ things – the drive from Auckland to Muriwai, has one of NZ’s famous black sand beaches,” reminisced Firoze. The drive is marvellous, treating your eyes all the way accompanied with a soothing breeze. The sand derives its black colour from iron ore blasted out of volcanic activity. The sand is slightly magnetic and can sometimes affect watches and cell phones!

The best view of Muriwai, a surfer’s paradise, is from the clifftop viewing platforms which allow a spectacular sight of the beach stretching out into the horizon, with thousands of Gannets nesting on the rocks…



Moving ahead, he visited Mt Eden just outside Auckland. An extinct volcanic peak with a beautiful grass covered crater, Mt Eden offers a superb view of Auckland city.

View of Auckland from Mt Eden


He had never guessed what fascinating views lay ahead in his journey… Watch out for the next post to know where he went after Muriwai.

You can follow his blog here or his Instagram account here.


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