For some peace and pampering

Mothers and grandmothers might have often suggested us to use some useful home remedies in order to attain a glowing and healthy skin or voluminous and silkier hair, but we are too busy to try any of them ourselves. As we complain about our busy schedule and take refuge in chemical-based beauty products, our body feels the negligence and falls prey to various maladies. Although it would be a crime to ignore how lovely we feel to be pampered, it only seems worthwhile and useful, when someone else steps in and takes charge of caring for your hair and skin. That is exactly how spa treatments make you feel: loved, relaxed and revitalised.

It is a tested and proven fact that spa treatments are relaxing and invigorating for both the body and the mind. One of the most valued spa destinations in the Capital, Healthy self’s elaborate arrangements at Eros Hotel offers an array of options for you to choose from. Those who are looking for an effortless full-body clean-up may opt for the honey and lemon body scrub followed by a restorative facial or a full body massage.


Hopping in at Eros with high hopes and welcomed by several smiling faces, one would feel that they are in the right place for a pleasurable treatment. As you lay down in the cosy room, and inhale Forest Essentials’ aromatic honey and lemon body scrub, you already start feeling calm. Then, with some appropriate music, candle lights and a pair of trained palms tending to your limbs you might actually hear your inner self, smile in comfort.

Honey is known to soften and enrich the skin with nutrients, while lemon detoxifies and works as a de-tanning agent. With combined efforts of the two, you are left with a soft and supple skin, after you walk out from the shower. The oils of Neroli flower and lemon zest, work to combat stress and revitalises the body’s energy field.

The restorative facial is an intensive balancing treatment, to help relax damaged and irritated skin. Starting off with a cucumber and green tea face wash the aesthetician uses an alcohol-free cucumber and marigold facial toner to balance the Ph level of your skin. Then a deep cleaning exfoliator containing carrot seed and red rice is used to massage and get rid of blackheads. This facial scrub not only cleans the skin but also helps in re-energising dullness in one’s face. With her unhurried and smooth massage-like movements on your face, the aesthetician’s hands feel like a blessing putting you to sleep.

Washing off the scrub, a clay pack rich in Neem and citrus leaves is applied on the face to ensure a calm and cool layer. The Neem extracts present in the pack ideal for sensitive skin adds a glow to your skin and purifies it simultaneously. After a calming experience of a 10-minute rest, the clay mask is removed thoroughly leaving your face clean to breathe. An anti-oxidant rich cream with carrot, honey and olive is then applied to nourish and hydrate your skin.

The entire experience would leave one’s skin feeling soft, glowing and re-energised. Furthermore, the time spent on pampering yourself really pays off well in the time to come when you walk out confident, calm, and radiant.

I must say, I stepped out feeling bright and happy. A treatment like this not only makes one feel refreshed and calm, but also enhances one’s senses with the aromatic essential oils, and other alluring organic products. Feel the luxury, enjoy the peace and bask in the glorifying world of an exquisite pampering session at Healthy self spa at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place.


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