‘Natural is the way to go’

For some reason women are expected to be beautiful, and in order to meet up the societal expectations many try to enhance their external appearance is several ways; while some take refuge in home remedies others opt for ready-made beauty care products.

Actor Bhumi Pednekar recently opened up about her idea of beauty at the launch of Divine Organics, a beauty care brand at The Lalit, in the Capital. “Beauty is always a state of mind, it can never be defined in a certain way. The way you feel about yourself is the kind of energy you radiate. Besides, beauty products have a lot of importance in our lives. I personally love skincare and makeup. I was 14 when I first made my vanity; I collected money and bought my first cover up, foundation, lipsticks and other things. And I think they are extremely crucial in every girl’s life, and now even in boys’ lives,” said Bhumi. She also added how she would love to adopt Divine Organics, hoping to maintain a healthier way of life.

Bhumi Pednekar at Divine Organics launch

“In a country like India where we have always believed in doing gharelu nuske, the launch of an ECOCERT certified organic brand is a blessing. There are a lot of consumers who are looking for an all natural range of products to take care of their skin and hair, and Divine organics is for them. Being crazy about skin and hair care, I was thrilled to know about the launch of Divine organics; natural is the way to go. And we finally have a chemical free range of beauty products made in India, we can have complete faith on.

Talking about sexual harassment, the actor said, “Sexual harassment has been going on for several years. Kudos to all the women who have had the courage to stand up against it and speak about it. They have also given hope and courage to other women to talk about it, since talking about the issue is not wrong, the deed is.” Bhumi also encouraged all women to, “Be strong, have faith, and stand up for what you feel is right.”

Talking about weight management, Bhumi said, “The secret to my weight loss are lots of hardwork and maintaining a natural diet. During my weight loss process I kept it natural and did not rely on any chemicals suggested by people.”

What does she look for, while choosing a film? “I do not choose a film by whether my character is required to be preety, but I look out what my character is. I try to keep it real with the characters i portray. If I think as an audience I’d want to watch a film, I choose to do it. Besides that, I look for a film with a strong story line,” reflected Bhumi who will be next seen in Chambal, directed by Abhishek Choubey, alongside Sushant Singh Rajput.

Bhumi Pednekar at the Launch of Divine Organics

Dedicated to provide the finest organic products to Indians, Divine Organics produces skin care, body care and hair care products devoid of any artificial additives. Being the only ECOCERT certified COSMOS approved beauty care brand in Asia, apart from Japan the brand is ready to ensure transparency of the ingredients as they contain no chemical content or artificial color, preservatives or fragrances. Aimed at delivering products which are completely skin friendly and add vibrancy and life to the skin, the brand strives to redefine the consumer’s concept of beauty by offering best of nature at a reasonable price.

Starting off with 19 products, Divine Organics aims to reach out to men and women in the Tier I and Tier II cities in northern and western India, and then move on to eastern and southern parts of the country in the months to come. The products will be available at all leading stores in the cities and will also be available online from March, informed CEO Gautam Dhar.

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