Alice on ice!

Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram had won over the theatre-loving audience with one of the best performances in Delhi NCR– Zangoora, and now has something absolutely new to offer to their patrons. ICE Vision productions, a Russian troupe all the way from St Petersberg has come up with a set of 4 wondrous performances on ice! Precisely, now you can see them figure-skate on ice and simultaneously play their parts in the following plays: ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Dracula – The story of eternal love ’, ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Nutcracker and lord of the darkness’. ICE Vision has introduced the concept of Theare on ice in India for the first time.

At the premiere of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ recently, spokesperson of ICE Vision shared her insights of bringing the performers to India for the first time. They had performed in European countries, in the Middle East and South Korea before. “We try to adapt to the place and language for each performance; here we will try to get a Hindi translation done as well. With all professional figure skaters, we are happy to perform here as long as the audience wants us.” Speaking of challenges faced during performing outside Russia, she mentioned how they had a hard time finding out voice over artists, for foreign language dubbing, without a strong Russian accent.

Image2“We’d like to share the culture of figure-skating form St Petesberg with India. We might as well do a Bollywood style figure-skating one day,” she smiled. Artists who portrayed the characters of Alice, Mad Hatter, and Red Queen also came by to pose for photographs with the audience.

Sergei, playing the Mad Hatter hailing from Moscow, said that they have been practicing the play for the past one month. “With excellent lights, a great stage in a new land it has been a great experience performing here,” expressed Sergei, who also said how much he enjoys portraying the Mad Hatter alongside Alice, his favourite colleague.

Ice Vision is famous for their unique style of performance and has worked with leading music composers like Gennadiy Gladkov and Alexsey Rybinkov.  The troupe consists of more than 25 actors and stars, known world-wide like Alexey Urmanov, Irina Slutskaya and more.

With a healthy mix of projections and props, the performers have brought with them an extravagant theatrical experience with the well-known tale of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. Anumod Sharma, MD, Kingdom of Dreams said, “We are proud to bring such a unique art form to India. Performance on ice needs a lot of practice and precision and ICE Vision does it brilliantly. Such story telling is being performed for the first time and we can’t wait for the audiences to come and experience this grand performance. It is something the audiences will never forget.”

“We always give our audiences something unique and artistic. The Theatre on Ice is another one of our attempts to live up to our reputation of being pioneers in promoting Broadway style shows,” Sharma added.


Speaking about the performance, a spokesperson of Ice Vision said, ‘We are excited and thrilled to perform in India and looking forward to an amazing experience. We have performed in a lot of countries but never in India. We hope to get a great response from the audience and look forward to receiving some great Indian hospitality.”

These shows will be added to the current schedule of Kingdom of Dreams while Zangoora and Jumroo will continue to be performed.


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