For a healthier body, mind and soul

I woke up and I had a big idea

To buy a new soul at the start of every year

I paid up and it cost me pretty dear

Here’s a hymn to those that disappear…

If you too do feel that you’ve lost a part of your soul, fret not, there is hope and there are ways of recovering that lost self. At a recently held session on healing therapies in the Capital at The Imperial Hotel, spiritual healers from various parts of the country came by to discuss and share their methods with Delhiites.


Baani from Tathaastu says, “There are times when one feels as though they have lost a part of their soul, it can happen for any given reason – harsh words from a friend, or some traumatic incident- which may lead a piece of one’s soul to break away from the body. You can realise it later when you notice that you are not the same person anymore, as you don’t like certain things the way you used to. Among all healings techniques, Soul Retrieval is the one which helps us bring pieces of one’s soul back.” Modern Science works on proofs and facts while spiritual healing works through belief. Says Baani, “The process works faster and better when one believes in it. If one is resistant to the idea, it takes more time than usual to heal someone.”


Even if you are skeptical about spiritual healing because of the unexplained facets of the procedure, Almas Lokhandwala had her arena set up with the Himalayan singing bowls, ready to talk about how sound vibrations can heal even one’s tumours! To give her visitors a feel of it, she strikes the edge of the largest bowl with a mallet creating a soft ‘aum’ sound that lingers on for a minute. Sound therapy causes the sound vibrations to relax one and help concentrate in meditation. “When we are nourished with sound, the cells in our body start vibrating and reorganising themselves into a state of well being. The rich sonic vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls alter space mind and time,” explained Almas Lokhandwala.

With increasing cases of illness in people, and helpless modern medicines, many choose to try out or walk the path of spiritual healing. The second season of this holistic wellness and healing event was initiated by Tanveey Kapur – NRG workers – to bring together energy workers and alternative therapists to help people experience an array of life-changing healing techniques and relaxation under one roof.

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