Fastest way to launch your bespoke business

Good news is in for Fashion designers and stylists around the country. Bespocut, founded by Mr Pradeep Kumar, has brought in a revolutionary concept to creating high end corporate attire out of minimum investments. It is a techno-commercial business enablement platform to change the way designers create bespoke clothing in India.
A recently held conference in New Delhi, brought out the B2B product for several aspiring stylists to avail. With the entry of this brand in the market, fabrics for business suits and luxury shirts can be availed at a much cheaper rate, directly from the best mills in Europe with certificates of authenticity.

How it works:
Once you sign up with the brand, you are provided with a virtual kit though which you can allow your clients to choose fabrics for business suits, linen, and shirts, buttons etc and feel them through the available samples. They have an app which enables your clients to choose from the variants based on the brand, price etc. The QR coded swatch cards provide the bespoke entrepreneur with an instant connection to the Bespocut supply centre. Each subscription comes with the Bespocut App (ATM) which ensures that one does not lose any client details as the information is stored in their cloud. The App based CRM system makes customer management easy and useful. You take measurements and place an order of the required length of fabric which then gets delivered to your doorstep.

How will it help you :
With the growing knowledge of brands among people, there’s always a demand for items from luxury brands from various parts of the world. To avoid fake products and raw materials, it become quite a hectic job for a stylist to manage the purchase of luxury brand fabrics, and import them from abroad. Then remains the issue of buying a whole lot of a fabric, in order to avail wholesale rates, but like all aware of fashion might know that the fad keeps changing. If you can’t utilise the whole roll of 100 metres of fabric within a few months it may go out of fashion and you may eventually run a loss of several hundred thousand rupees. Here steps in the thoughtful technology of Bespocut. You don’t need to maintain a warehouse, neither do you need to wander about in search of the perfect imported material. For more information visit

Now with the world class fabrics, work your wonders stitch by stitch and give that client his desired suit in the most convenient way.


  1. Pradeep JI very congrats for launching the new international brand BEPSOCUT and hopping for all success in the field

    regard Jagdish digwal


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