Lite Belly Delight Belly!

Eggspectation at Jaypee Siddharth, Delhi has come up with a healthy combo meal to soothe your tummy. This new alluring strategy will help you keep a check on your weight. Guess how? The ‘Lite Belly Delight Belly’ meal promotes healthy eating with some mouth-watering smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Health conscious foodies can now lay their hands on this offer at just Rs 10 multiplied by their weight!

And if you think that I am eggsaggerating, you better visit the restaurant to experience their delicious a la carte menu or the ‘Lite Belly Delight Belly’ meal meant for those who are a tad bit concerned about their health.


Detox your belly with an unusual but extraordinary mango-ginger mojito. The combination of these two dominating flavours turns out great for your taste buds. The sweetness of fresh mangoes is balanced by the fiery and pungent taste of the ginger presenting to you a well-blended delight. The Strawberry Lemonade and Green Tea smoothie are as great as the other unusual drinks they serve at Eggspectation created with detox water to keep a check on your healthy intake. These light drinks come with an added advantage – there’s no added sugar, the natural sweetness of the fruits account for the flavour with a tinge of honey.


Tropical fruit salad


Kicking off the heat with some cool drinks, the menu will lead you ahead with some innovatively palatable salads. Fruit lovers will be amused to find a Tropical fruit salad which will serve you an array of seasonal juicy fruits. Once the juicy watermelons and mangoes explode in your mouth accompanied by a honey mustard sauce, you may experience the generation of an amazing new flavour built from the goodness of all the components, including arugula and feta cheese, in the salad. In case you have been planning to get the best out of Eggspectation, try out their egg salad out of the many egg-inspired dishes.

Jamican jerk chicken sandwich
Yolk around the clock

Finishing your plate of salad, you might already feel quite full, but to satiate your gastronomical pleasures definitely grab a mouthful from the array of sandwiches they have in store. The Jamican jerk chicken sandwich arrives in a huge platter with some veggies on the side enough for two foodies to hog on. In case you have a soft corner for bagels, you would love the appearance of Yolk around the clock – this item has taken bagels to a new level. A sunny side up egg fills the holes of each bagel which is in turn topped with some cheddar cheese and salad veggies. To add that much needed ‘unhealthy fried stuff’, there are fried potatoes and sauces on the side. A divine sense glides down your throat when you gulp that nibble of bagel sandwich, accommodating a fried egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese in perfect sync with the bread.

Upon completion of this humungous meal, it is quite unlikely that one would require any dessert unless you are a staunch sweet tooth. In case you do end up licking an ice cream post this health freak’s meal, remember to do some appropriate workout to balance the dreadful crime you’d just committed. This interesting wave of Lite Belly, Delight Belly is on until July 15.

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