Noodles, curries and much more

To think of Pan-Asian cuisine is to fancy a strong aroma tickling your olfactory nerves and images of curry and prawn rotating around your head. Mei Kun, at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, is one such place where your thoughts regarding Thai food would come true. This dinner-only restaurant boasts of exotic Pan-Asian cuisine one would kill to get.



Starting with appetising potato and prawn papadums, moving onto the fresh Som Tam and Yum Som O salads is a splendid ordeal. The fleshy Yum som o is a Thai salad made with pomelo, chillies, cherry tomatoes, coconut flakes and much more. It is a blast of tastes in your mouth as the various ingredients explode to caress your taste buds with their engaging flavours.


For starters, there is the all-time favourite Chicken satay with peanut sauce to give you that much needed meaty chunks in your meal. If you are a seafood lover, then you must munch on to their Basil chilli prawns – a sublime encounter with food. For vegetarians, there’s Corn salt and pepper, and a scrumptious Crispy baby corn and mushroom dry chillies.


As the soup bowl makes its way to your table, looking down at it, you would not expect the variety of ingredients in hoards. Upon slurping one spoonful of Laksa – its ultra thin rice noodles, and the coconutty flavours blended seamlessly with the exotic spices will compel you to close your eyes and savour the moment. In between your meal you may want to cleanse your taste buds with a lemon sorbet, a light lemony frozen dessert which decks up your taste buds with refreshed abilities to make way for new flavours to awe you further.

panang curry

A Pan-Asian dinner would remain incomplete without the presence of seafood, and here comes the piquant Prawn Penang curry. The appetising flavours of The Penang curry blend in with the sticky jasmine steamed rice leaving you with a luscious affair to cherish. Mee Goreng and Phad Thai noodles with chicken are some good options for noodle lovers to indulge in.

What comes as a breathtaking experience is the conclusive part of the entire meal – Coconut ice-cream with Apple fritters. The crunchy bits of coconut gives the cold creamy scoop a sweet and crispy texture, while the hot fritters complement its colder counterpart giving you a balanced afters before you make that final bow and set out for a walk to digest all the curry and spices you treated yourself with.

Whether you venture into the gourmet dishes with your chopsticks or forks or simply bare hands, is for you to decide, but if you are planning a dinner outing soon, spring by Mei Kun to treat your beloved with a memorable and mouth-watering meal.

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