With Purpose, Poise and Perfection

When the sweltering heat is making headlines countrywide, some blessed souls are vowing to spend the rest of their lives together – to witness these guests drop by to strike an impression with the perfect look. Here’s what you might need to make the perfect fashion statement:

Wedding bells often ring in unfavourable times – not for the ones getting married but for them who have to attend the ceremony. Big fat Indian weddings call for an extravagant appearance – a major worry starts to grow in our heads in the form of a parasite feeding away on happiness only making you wonder about how you might plan to dress in the wedding. The golden opportunity as such of setting out a style statement in the public – how can you miss that?

Elaborate flared sleeves, pastel shades, intricate embroideries – sounds tempting, right? Well, when it comes to desi weddings, what we usually get to see is everyone wrapped in all things glittery. That is not only a dazzling puzzle to the eye but also a heck of a job to bear in the summer.

During peak summers the best option to dress, impress and maintain coherence is to keep it minimal. Shopping for summer weddings must be done meticulously. First, decide on the form of attire, then choose the colours that suit you or you want to wear, following which you may set a preconceived idea of the budget. Choosing what’s right
Colours matter a lot, whether you want to be a walking glittery sun in the gathering or a graceful damsel in matte, is your decision which may eventually reflect your personal style.

With the attire in mind look for lightweight material which won’t restrict your movement or make you feel uncomfortable. Remember, your discomfort will be directly reflected in your body language and facial expression, therefore to steal all eyes never compromise with personal comfort. Threaded embroideries and pearl studded designs are preferably soothing to the eye especially in summer to keep things cool, as compared to zari and multicoloured stones shining on your clothes.

Sue Mue’s new Spring Summer collection titled Albeli has some beautiful outfits meant especially for happy occasions like marriages. Simple bodies teamed up with flared, embroidered and elaborate sleeve cuts are in vogue now. Layers give that much-needed volume and beauty to a summer costume with the gharara, and farshi sharara paired with kalidar kurtas they have. You can choose from their sombre collection which has it all sketched out for the bride, her friends, other relatives and those who might drop in for an hour directly from work! Some of the uniquely created lehenga-choli, suits and shararas have been teamed up with fascinating dupattas decked with traditional Lucknowi thread work, chikankari, tudki and mukaish overpowering the fabric. Soft pastels shades like icy blue, ivory, lavender, beige and jade green gain a life form with motifs of birds and flowers on the outfits.

Nargis fashion has a collection of remarkable ethnic wear for women. The application rich traditional techniques and their signature style make each creation highly desirable and a sheer personification of elegance.

Designer Adarsh Gill’s Spring Summer collection as well has some fascinating options to explore. The trendy necklines and delicate embellishments mark exuberance and finesse in the garments which are mostly white, making the wearer look elegant and in harmony with nature.

Why should girls have all the fun?

When it comes to fashion we often tend to shove the men aside and focus only on women’s wear, but let’s be a little welcoming for them to join the club. While most men stick to business suits during marriage receptions, many are now shifting to traditional kurtas and jackets. Heavy sherwanis are a bid ‘no no’ in the Summer. Some also risk experiments of combining casual with traditional wear. Adarsh Gill’s men’s wear collection for 2017 has the dominance of brown, blue, black and some floral print on luxurious fabrics like pure crepe and high count cotton. Her collection embraces contemporary look through revamped casuals which are loved by men who are passionate about their innate sense of dressing. Dolly Parekh’s collection inspired by

Adarsh Gill’s men’s wear collection for 2017 has the dominance of brown, blue, black and some floral print on luxurious fabrics like pure crepe and high count cotton. Her collection embraces contemporary look through revamped casuals which are loved by men who are passionate about their innate sense of dressing. Dolly Parekh’s collection inspired by

Dolly Parekh’s collection inspired by pattachitra can be a good stand out in cultural occasions for men. Silk kurtas with complementing straight pent of pattchitra designs also has the embrace of zardozi work. For men who value intricate design and quality fabric, this collection is for you to explore.

With KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission) and Peter England converging to create some stunning Khadi shirts and jackets, fashionistas might be in for a treat soon this year with affordable and environment-friendly fashion! Let’s just hope that the collection is out during the Summer. Therefore, men, if you have a friend’s wedding or reception to attend take a sneak peak of these collections as they may help you decide your look for the evening.

Suitable accessories

To liven up your look, ladies would need some light solitaires, gold earrings, or pearls. If the attire you’re wearing is heavily embroidered, choose minimal jewellery, too much metal can spoil your look making it clumsy. It is advisable to opt for glorious ear pieces, bracelets or rings rather than investing upon huge neckpieces or a bunch of bangles.

This would enable you to shop within the budget without compromising with your overall appearance. It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but very few can afford to possess the crystal. Then there is the difficult process of selecting the right piece that you’d cherish for the rest of your life without getting ripped off. Rahul Maheshwari, Vishal Jewels, advices, “One must make sure to check the weight of the diamond and gold purity engraved on the jewel piece. Solitaires must be certified by reputed and recognised international laboratories, and be laser inscribed.”

Several jewellers are trying to make affordable diamond jewellery available in the market for ladies who might not be willing to burn a hole in their pockets. Vishal Jewels has come up with an exciting range of rings, earrings and pendants which will complement your summer garments perfectly.

Velvetcase.com as well has a brilliant collection of sleek and edgy accessories for one to choose from. Their latest collection is embellished with stunning white diamonds and black onyx amalgamating modern styles with unconventional geometric inspired designs.

Dillano Luxurious Jewels has recently introduced an exquisite range of cuffs and bracelets for women who like to keep it simple yet glamorous. The collection comprises sleek and striking pieces crafted in yellow gold, white gold, and diamonds. It has been designed keeping in mind the idea of minimal jewellery trend. Feminine yet adding a touch of quirky designs, the assortment is apt to adorn your wrist with any attire.

Men, unfortunately, do not have much to choose from in terms of accessories, but in case you are planning to keep things formal definitely look for some trendy cufflinks or kurta buttons. Designer Sunil Mehra’s ‘Quirky Cufflinks’ are in stores for patrons this summer. The colourful collection comprises of animal motifs, heart shapes and clock motifs for those who like to stand out from the crowd – after all the contemporary generation likes to wear their hearts on their sleeves.
Finally, it is an individual’s eye for detail and beauty which ultimately makes a difference to their appearance and weaves tales to tell on personal style and class. Selecting and pairing the suitable accessory with the garment and creating a combination worthy of praise is definitely an individual endeavour.

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