#Breakfast goals

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is all about breaking the night long fast you were unconsciously keeping while asleep. It is a known fact among travelers that breakfast in hotels and guest houses are only available until a particular time, to avail which you might have to wake up early and rush. But is it not unfair, that you did not get that much-needed sleep for the sake of breakfast? Well, for people who second this thought, there’s Elan at The Lodhi, New Delhi, at your service – they provide breakfast throughout the day!


If you are coming from a faraway land and especially are the victim of jet lag for crossing time zones, you might need breakfast in the middle of the night upon waking up. Therefore to make things more convenient, Elan had come up with a brilliant idea of an array of breakfast combinations for guests. With an unlimited service of freshly baked goods and bread baskets at your table, you may as well try your hand at curating your own a-la-carte meal. Furthermore, you can order as many servings as you like of a dish of your choice – that’s all you need for a heavenly meal.


And like always, meaningful conversations happen over a cup of hot steaming beverage and some baked delights. With a view of the sunny lawn outside you can take all the time in the world and spend some quality time with your significant other over a platter of fresh seasonal fruits and muffins.

Eggs Benedict with Honey-Glazed Ham or Smoked Salmon (3) (1)

If you are new in India and want to try out some desi items like Parantha, Dosa or Upma, you’re in for a treat. In case you have a fetish for seafood, the bagels are a must try out; order some delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese or pesto bagels and have it your way! If you are fond of continental cuisine, try the egg benedict, pancakes or the smoked salmon and definitely their fresh and warm waffles. These crunchy fluffy-on-the-inside patterned breakfast confections are mouthwateringly remarkable. With a dash of maple syrup on the surface, the cold touch of an ice cream makes the perfect breakfast complete. You may also choose from their already curated list of American, Japanese breakfast and much more.


It must be true that “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup,” like Ludwig van Beethoven had once said. Among the new additions to their menu is the Chinese breakfast which comprises of an amazing Conjee, noodle soup, and buns. If you have a palate for light Chinese food, you would grow a craving for the delicious Conjee! The delicate rice is well complemented with the natural flavours of chicken and mushroom making it a simple yet tasty soupy breakfast item.


With an eclectic range of filling items and bitings on the menu, Elan is welcoming for anybody looking for an informal tucking-in experience.

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