A stroll in the honour of Art

A creative hand has the ability to build some of the finest pieces of beauty, while only a blessed soul has the eye to appreciate beauty even in the smallest things. Culture and art, as the two words are used together, complement each other to create a story.

The Leela Palace, New Delhi is one such destination for art enthusiasts to rejoice.  In an attempt to preserve the Indian culture, the palace has specially curated paintings, sculptures and other artifacts in tune with the interiors. Walking in, you’d be greeted by melodious Indian classical music accompanied with the fragrance from fresh flowers all around soothing your senses.

To take a close look at the artworks in order to admire them, one would need about an hour to tour around the palace.  In the central courtyard, overlooking the main lobby stands an auspicious panch-dhatu statue titled ‘Devi’, a combination of different energies of the Goddess in Hindu mythology. Sculpted by Satish Gupta, it is the major attraction of the art walk in regard to worship and respect Mother Supreme. Two major walls in the central courtyard are adorned by Satish Gupta’s set of murals titled ‘Let a thousand lotuses bloom’ which symbolise purity, knowledge, and wisdom.

A couple of sculptures titled ‘Devotees’ by Satish Gujral are placed in the Lobby and the Ballroom Promenades, along with JJ Valaya’s ‘Paisley Cashmere’. The latter’s ‘Jewels of Alika’ is also a piece of art to look forward to in the Club Lounge. Lita Alburquerque’s quest to express the spiritual through material can be witnessed in her work titled ‘Solar Magnitude’ which constitute nine panels with the center panel being a monochromatic blue circle.

Climbing up to the first floor, one would be greeted by Subhash Awchat’s  ‘Parampara’. A painting titled ‘Memories Revisited’ by Sanjay Bhatt suits the business centre passage’s aura aptly as it portrays two faces conversing behind semi-closed doors.

‘Eternity’ and ‘Face of Life’, by Paresh Maity are worth adoring as they expand a range of possibilities of the figures painted. Espa, the spa in the hotel, is home to a series of paintings by Seema Kohli, which have innumerable stories in them, and  Shipra Bhattacharya whose paintings celebrate womanhood. Gujral’s painting ‘Harnessing Artist’ depicts power symbolised by the horse form that is reduced to its essential and is being harnessed by human force. A sculpture from the ‘Mood Series’ by Dimpy Menon, portray a comfortable togetherness between the two figures placed at the Club Lounge.art10

The palace has various genres of art in store, therefore in order to brush up your knowledge about art and culture take some time out from your busy schedule to soak in the beauty of a rare and diverse collection of contemporary Indian art.

To experience them in person, visit the palace at the earliest and be guided by the hosts in the art walk thereafter sitting in the lobby over some tea and delicious pastries brooding about the exclusive walk. This luxury of experiencing the art walk touring the Leela Palace followed by hi-tea can be availed for Rs 2500.

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