Slice from a royal kitchen

If you love masala and like to enjoy your meals at a calm and relaxing environment, there’s a perfect destination in the Capital waiting to host you. Dilli 32, an Indian speciality restaurant at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi is a delight for foodies.

A place suited for a leisurely meal with your family and loved ones, with live ghazal performance, and finger licking food, Dilli 32 is meant to deliver you one of the best dining experiences in the Capital. Flaunting a live kitchen and gorgeous interiors, Dillli 32 will make you revisit the Mughal Era with a rich assortment of dishes belonging to the royal age. The restaurant boasts of Awadhi and North West Frontier cuisine creating a perfect ensemble of gourmet delicacies.  Welcomed with papad and an array of delicious chutneys, you can sit back munching on them while you order some refreshing mocktails, wine or cocktails. While you rejoice over the crunchy papads, they’d surprise you with a couple of dal pakodas, until your main course arrives at your table. When heading for dinner, you would be ready to be greeted with soothing tea candles at your table accompanied by live ghazal, while you have a hearty conversation with your companion.

There’s a mouthwatering variety of kebabs, both for vegetarians and meat lovers for starters, Nutki kebab, Makai aur akhrot ki khaas seekh (sweet corn and walnut kebab), Shahi galawat ke kebab and Murgh seekh kebab to name a few. Once you are over with the starters, it might be a hefty task to choose from the countless dishes for the main course. With a multitude of paranthas and rotis you also get different biryanis. While the soft Dum gosht ki biryani, light Shakahari kheechra, or Lasooni palak sooth your tongue, a spoonful of their ‘Dal Dilli 32’ will take your breath away.

Heading to sweet endings, you would be rather amazed to find Badam ka halwa and Mirchi ka halwa (capsicum halwa) which would be memorable choices but their Shahi tukra would set a benchmark for desserts in your mind with its succulent and delicious bites. Even if you had successfully held back your surprised look all along, a box full of digestives laid out at the table after your meal will motivate you to let go and leap up in joy.Shahi tukra

When you just thought that a meal could not have been any better, a smiling host would enter with a tray full of paan shots! Yes, you heard it right ‘Paan shots’ – these are non-alcoholic milk based paan flavoured shots to help you digest your meal.

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