Believing in a bright tomorrow

The heart of the national Capital is bearing witness to the saying: “To plant a garden is to believe in a tomorrow,” as the Indian International Centre (IIC) premises is all decked up for the season of festivals this year. Rajan Kumar Verma, the man who is responsible for the colourful gardens at IIC has been working here for almost 30 years. This winter, IIC has been redecorated with several flowering plants and creepers in the premises to add on to the already available greenery.

Starting from the entrance, the main lawn, the Rose garden to the Fountain lawn and Quadrangle lawn the place is home to flowering plants like Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Salvia, Petunia, Calendula, Tecoma, Aster, Antirrhinum (dog flower) and many more.  IIC has been known to the who’s who of Delhi for the quality cultural programmes and art exhibitions they host round the year, and also for the fig-honey ice cream they serve in the members-only cafeteria! But for nature lovers, this is an area to bask in the sun and breathe in some fresh green air unavailable in the much-polluted streets and populated localities.

While you take a stroll in the open exhibition area, inquisitively observing the beautiful artworks

, you would also come across several hues of natural habitat attracting your attention swaying in the air rhythmically. When you sit at the cafe, looking out at the fountain you will see several Dahlias smiling up at you from the tubs placed by the water body. The artificial lake also has some water lilies floating on the surface. The creepers by the side of the boundary wall are host to many butterflies and bees as they visit the flowers to feed on honey and eventually become what we humans call ‘a marvellous photography subject’.

In case you are waiting for a companion to arrive with whom you plan to visit the art exhibitions, or attend an informative seminar, do not simply sit with a long face thinking of getting late, rather  take a look around the peaceful area and pamper your senses with the well maintained greens of the trees, creepers and flowers.

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